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Homiis was built by students and young professionals, for students and young professionals. With efficiency, safety, and trust, at the backbone of our platform, we're confident you can find your next dream room and roommate faster than any other solution.

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Homiis automatically displays those most similar to your preferences at the top of your feed. The things you have in common are highlighted in blue!

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Homiis recommends places for you to live based on your preferences.

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Create a custom profile with tags representing your lifestyle interests, and a bio for other people to get to know you!

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Instant message within the app. Chat with people you're interested in living with, or those who've listed a place you want.

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Homiis Connect

Your hassle-free solution to finding the perfect roommate. With daily or weekly personalized recommendations, a money-back guarantee, and 24/7 support, we take care of the entire roommate search process for you.



Perfect for those who aren't in a time rush.

  • 30 day period to find a match
  • Weekly roommate recommendations
  • Roommate contract provided
  • Guaranteed match or your money back
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Dedicated support and a guaranteed fast match.

  • 14 day period to find a match
  • Daily roommate recommendations
  • Ability to request credit checks on candidates
  • Roommate contract provided
  • Guaranteed match or your money back
  • 24/7 support
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